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Images - Human Machine Interface - Machine Interface (SMI 2)
The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI 2) is the fastest way to connect virtually any machine to the ShopFloorConnect Factory Reporting Software. The SMI 2 is Ethernet-ready, and factory configured to drop right in to your existing ShopFloorConnect installation and begin collecting data.
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ShopFloorConnect-Wintriss Controls
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You can use the ShopFloorConnect Configuration Detail page to create custom downtime menus for each machine, and download them directly to the SMI 2.The SMI 2 is available either with an enclosure or as a panel-mountThe SMI 2 features a downtime selection menu that takes full advantage of the touch-screen interface to streamline operator input. The SMI 2 also has an additional “Setup” input that allows ShopFloorConnect to appropriately log any time spent doing troubleshooting and setup even if the machine is cycled.

Product DescriptionSpecification
Quickly connects any machine to ShopFloorConnect
User-friendly 6.5" color touch screen interface
Available in 2 versions: enclosure or panel-mount
Significantly lower cost than comparable devices
Ethernet Ready, simply plug it in to your existing network
32 downtime codes that are fully customizable – both the reasons themselves, and the menu order in which they appear
“Forced Dialog” mode can inhibit machine restart until a downtime reason has been sent to ShopFloorConnect
7-Digit parts counter with preset
Ability to enter Operator number, Job number, and an identifier for each job.


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